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High Density vs Low Density Trash Bags...does it matter?

High Density vs Low Density Trash Bags...does it matter?
In a word, yes!  There are hundreds of sizes and gauges of liners out there.  If you have a large facility it is likely you have several different sized trash bins.

To keep things simple, you may be buying just one or two liners thinking "one size fits all".  However, you may actually be spending more money in the long run. Why? Depending on the location of your garbage bins, garbage itself can vary significantly in weight and size.  For example, a trash liner used in restrooms contains for the most part paper towels or lightweight material. Therefore, a lighter gauge liner can be used verses a liner that may be used in a break room, kitchen, cafeteria or shop floor.

Where you throw things away as well as choosing the right size and gauge liner can save you money.  To do this below are the pieces of information you will need to determine how you can choose the most cost effective way to purchase trash liners.

Choosing t…
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Biodegradable, Compostable or Recyclable - What's The Difference?

Biodegradable, Compostable or Recyclable - What's The Difference?
Over the past 10 to 20 years the marketing industry has successfully made the general public conscious of the need to make informed choices when it comes to disposable paper products.  Most people have heard all the terminology such as biodegradable, compostable and recyclable and have seen the symbols on the bottom of plastic containers but what do them mean?

We have included a list of the most frequently asked questions for easy reference to help you to make the best decisions when it comes to buying your paper products.

What does compostable mean?
Compostable means that a product is capable of disintegrating into natural soil.  This typically must occur in about 90 days.

What do the 3 arrows in the recycle symbol mean?
* Collection
* Manufacturing
* Purchase of recycled content products.

What do the terms pre/post consumer mean?
Post:  materials that have been returned, recycled and reborn into a second life.
January is National Mentoring MonthWhat is Mentoring?

The definition is an experienced and trusted advisor.  It is someone who advises you and helps you make a difference in your life.  It is not to be confused with a coach since a mentor does not tell you how to do things.  A mentor takes a long range view of your development and helps you to see your destination.  A mentor also offers encouragement when needed and helps build self esteem and confidence.

5 Reasons Mentoring Helps

Mentoring has a proven success rate.  Research has proven that a young person with a mentor in their life is more likely to avoid participation in negative behaviors, develop better communication skills and become a more productive member in the community.

1.  Teaches young people how to communicate and relate to others.
2.  Helps young people set goals and reach them.
3.  Gives young people an example to follow or role model, a friend and an advocate.
4.  Gives young people someone they can turn to when they …

Food Wrap Tips - Wax Paper vs. Parchment Paper

What is the difference between Deli Wrap, Wax Paper or Parchment Paper?
Most people know the difference between foil and wax paper but do you know the difference between Deli Paper, Wax Paper or Parchment Paper?  These papers have a variety of different uses.  Packaging your food properly preserves freshness and ensures safe handling.  So we have put together some tips on how to choose the right paper and how to use them.

Wax Paper vs. Parchment PaperWax Paper and Parchment Papers are both coated.  The difference between them is that Wax Paper is coated with a soybean or paraffin wax and Parchment Paper (available in bleached or unbleached) is coated with silicone.

The silicone coating in Parchment Paper makes it heat resistant and nonstick.  So this makes a perfect liner for baking pans since the food won't stick to the pan.  Wax paper would melt and stick to the pan.

Wax paper is best used to line counter tops and tables when rolling out pies or kneading bread to prevent a mess…
Should You Buy Remanufactured Ink?Let's face it everyone wants to save money.  At the same time no one wants to sacrifice quality of product to do it.  So let's examine some questions about buying remanufactured ink and see how it works and find out if it is right for you.

Just think of all the things we would not have without printers. No books, no education, no flyers, no contracts, the list is endless. Unfortunately, buying new cartridges to keep our printers running whether at home or at work costs a lot of money. So, do a little research and start saving money now and the environment later. We have some things to consider before you make your next ink and toner purchase. Remanufactured Ink & Toner - How It Works
The empty cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer and disassembled so that each part can be inspected for its structural integrity.  If any of the parts are too worn out or broken they replace them. They then clean them up, reassemble them and the…

What do San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon have in common?

What do San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon have in common?  They are all cities that ban foam.  New York just overturned a ban that lawmakers had voted in 2013 to ban foam.

This is the article I was reading this morning, "Judge Overturns New York City Ban on Plastic Foam Containers by Jake Pearson, Associated Press" and it mentions that there are 21 companies that would buy used containers from the city.  So if there are companies willing to recycle why are they saying "There is no way to effectively recycle it."  It sounded like someone needs to create a program to get the 30,000 tons of foam into the hands of the people who want to recycle it. Don't you?

I did a quick internet search to see how easy it would be to find at least one of these foam recycling companies near me.  Immediately I found some.  One is ReFoamIt located in Massachusetts and they have a list of things they can recycle and a list of things that can not be recycled.

We can all help!


2 Reasons You Need Custom Print Cups

When it comes to which cup to buy for your coffee business I would have to say a custom print cup is the number one choice.  Although the cost is definitely more than a stock design hot cup it is well worth the investment because it serves two purposes for your businessyour coffee and your marketing.  People bring the coffee everywhere.

I remember years ago my husband and I were in a foreign country and I wanted a coffee.  We were in a large city and we walked everywhere looking for any kind of cafe that serves coffee when suddenly I spotted a woman walking with a Starbucks coffee.  I immediately asked her where the Starbucks was and she gave us directions.  So your cup is a tiny billboard that is in the hands of people going everywhere.

Turn your cups into a billboard with this cup'sHi-Definition, full-color print, you can add ALL your marketing buzz – not just your logo.  Perfect forcoffee shops, events,meetings,safety programs, andseminars- any place you want toinfluence…